2016-05-30 Copy loclink files in tex format
2011-11-24 Fixed debug output in epub format
2011-07-19 Add element code
2010-11-22 Improved white space handling in element example
2010-10-27 Changed slide output in format latex (multicolumn didn't work)
Added processing instruction <?latex ...?>
2010-10-05 Add bibliography to tableofcontents, otherwise we get wrong \minitoc parts.
2010-09-30 Fix bug at missing license in slide output. Small fix in CSS.
2010-09-03 Added missing class homework to latex output.
2010-09-01 Fixed crash at missing bibliography
Handle special chars in labels
Added element name
2010-08-30 Fixed crash at missing acronyms
2010-06-09 Better handling of titlefig element in slide output
Some fixes in beamer format
Fixes for bibliography and acronyms in LaTeX output formats.
2010-06-01 Handle titlefig element in slide output
2010-04-27 Corrected navigation (bug with tags inside the slide title)
2010-04-23 Added element ico and corrected license for latex output (todo: beamer handling).
2010-04-14 Fixed wrong mime type for JPEG-Files in epub format.
2010-04-07 Ignore loclink binary files in epub output (jar and flv automatically, other types with attribute binary="1").
2010-04-06 Added element key for keystrokes.
2010-03-31 Fixed bug in Table of contents in the IMS Manifest of the content package format
2010-03-30 Added license element. Changed element for title figure to titlefig.
2010-03-16 Corrected SVG images in fig element.
Added object element
2010-03-11 Improved EPUB support (especially CSS).
2010-03-10 EPUB eBook support added.
2010-03-04 Changed attribute id in ref, cite, and acn to to (because id is reserved for IDs)
Added epub output for eBooks (experimental)
2009-12-19 Added elements c (comment) and k keyword for listings
2009-09-23 Added class homework to element task
2009-06-03 Added minitoc attribute to collection
2008-12-05 Added Element multicol
2008-09-08 Multiple unnumbered <eq> elements in the same section repaired
2008-09-05 Tooltip window for acronyms
2008-06-16 Typo in default.css
2008-04-17 Attribute width will always parsed for HTML (not only for p)
2008-04-08 Missed CSS entry for task/discussion
2008-04-04 Repaired refences to subsections in cp format
2008-04-03 Fixed bug in loclink, extlink
2008-03-31 Support for class theorem of element remark
Jens Pönisch, poenisch[at]isym(dot)tu-chemnitz{dot}de