2 Mathematical formulas

Demonstratie 2.1

This section shows the use of mathematical formulas.

2.1 Prime numbers

We start with a definition. There is no extra element for it, we use the remark element with class definition:

Slide 2.1 Defintion of prime numbers

Definitie 2.1 Prime number

A positive integer is prime, if it has exactly two dividors:

\text{$p$ is prime}\, \Leftrightarrow\,\forall i = 2\ldots p-1:\, i\not|p

For a theorem, we use a remark element with class theorem. We put it also on a slide:

Slide 2.2 Amount of Prime Numbers

Stelling 2.2 Prime number theorem

The amount of prime numbers content up to a number content is approximately:

For inline formula use the element m (see slide 2.2). The element eq is used for block formulas. With class align multiline formulas are possible:

x_0 &= 1\\
x_1 &= 1\\
x_{n} &= x_{n-1}+x_{n-2} & n &= 2,\ldots
Formule 2.2

The CDATA declaration is necessary to protect the & signs. If you add the id attribute, you can set a reference to this formula 2.2.